The history of the Aran Valley goes back to 4,000 B.C., when shepherds from the Alps gave rise to this Pyrenean village. The very word ARAN, of Basque origin, means “the Valley”.

Then would pass by the Romans, Teutons, Aragonese, French, Kings until it is annexed to the County of Catalonia.
The Aran Valley, is a region located in the North of the Pyrenees Centrals, Atlantic Valley with its terrain of hanging valleys, you peaks higher than 2000 m and snows, is a magnificent spectacle of nature.

One of the most important differential is his speech, aranese, a living language, used constantly by its inhabitants.
On the other hand, its gastronomy, its rich culture, its language uniqueness and a high quality tourist offer, make this corner of the Pyrenees a great place to have an unforgettable stay in a charming rural accommodation.

CASA MATEO is located within the village of Betren, a beautiful and peaceful village that retains its authentic taste aranese, and allows you to stroll its streets without hustle and bustle. The Church of Sant Esteve, built in the 12th century, where the transition from Romanesque to Gothic can be seen.
Heading to the port de la Bonaigua, we find places as colorful as Arties, Salardú, Baqueira Beret and high mountain routes including Tredòs baths, Lakes Colomers… This picture complies Naut Aran.

In the direction of France can go low Aran, with places like Bossot, Les, Portillon Harbour Canejan. Following the course of the River Garonne, the border is 15 km away.